News: what’s going on?

This is what is going on:

We, of the “OG Committee” and in particular Maurizio Formia inventor of the OG Postural bio-mechanism are fighting an extremely important battle based on common sense and righteousness.
POSTURE is not medicine and its treatment is not a medical cure.

A postural failure for medicine does not have any value under a medical-legal aspect.

The battle we are supporting can be summed up confronting the two newspaper articles below.

The “mud throwing machine” of the usual incompetent journalists is trying once again to discredit us.

A “bite” is not a medical nor a prosthetic device. It’s not even a dental plaque.
The OG Ergonomic support is not a bite and is not a prosthetic device.
Incompetent journalists stated that it’s a “prosthetic device invented by a music teacher” (Maurizio Formia)

Our reply to these incompetents is a question to all the Institutions.
Our question is the following : why do doctors, dentists and gnathologists prescribe bites to cure posture if the Health Authority (Ministry) states that you cannot correct bad posture with dental therapies?

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For the many of you following us from abroad please know things are the same all over the world.

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